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Coaching helped me feel more confident in myself while I lead others.  I am more prepared in the role I will be taking on as I’ve come away from the coaching session encouraged and ready to act.

Amanda, Dublin

Coaching helped me grow as a leader because I was able to go in with an issue then come out with a few solutions for it. There was an immediate outcome, actions, things to do or try. It was really encouraging.

Sam, Belfast

Coaching sessions really helped me. They gave me an unbiased outlet for which to discuss things and helped me make and achieve personal and ministry goals to further the ministry and reach my potential in my new role. I don’t feel alone anymore. I leave the sessions feeling encouraged and empowered to keep going in my ministry in times of hardship.

Anna, Athlone

As leaders, we often face situations that can leave us feeling stuck. And in the busyness of leading, it can be hard to find the time and space to see clearly.

But a good coach can help us to get unstuck and lead with confidence. When that happens, everyone wins.

Innovista Ireland’s coaching team helps, in person or via Skype, to move their ministries forward.

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Request free introductory coaching session

The Coaching Course

In partnership with Praxis we have developed The Coaching Course to equip people with coaching skills that they can use in their distinct settings.

The 2021 Course is currently full.

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