New Season | New Branding for Rise

rise branding

Over the last six months, The Rise Leadership and Mentoring Programme has been going through a transition period. Earlier this year, as we strategised for the future of the Rise Programme, we decided to kick-start a new chapter for Rise with new branding.

Since it was first developed in 2013, the Rise Programme has been used as a resource for Transition Year students in the classroom. Now, as we look towards the future, we are excited to see the programme piloted in other settings, including youth groups and community clubs.

Therefore, over the last few months, Anne and Ash have been developing the programme into a resource, running training sessions for youth workers, and rebranding Rise.

An exciting new season deserves a fresh new design.

We are overjoyed to share our new branding with our supporters and we would like to thank those who have been praying for the Rise Programme this year. In particular, we would like to thank Susie Keegan for the many hours she spent designing the new logo — we have found her creativity and dedication to this project incredibly admirable.

Check out our new Rise branding below!

Our new Rise logo now comes in the Innovista colours: orange, grey, and blue

We love how the new logo represents the urban landscape that so many of our teen-led projects aim to impact

A bold design for a bold season

To learn more about the Rise Leadership and Mentoring Programme, click here.

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