A Call to Pray Across Ireland

call for prayer ireland

From 24/7 Prayer Ireland:

At this time, more than ever, we need to come together and pray. Although we cannot meet in person, that cannot stop us praying! We can still join in heart and spirit and call upon the name of Jesus together. I talked with you on the phone about “A Call To Pray.’ The simple call behind this initiative is to get as many people as possible across the island of Ireland to pray together, at the same time, during this time of great need.

The call has gone out for us to do this together from 3pm to 4pm on Palm Sunday, the 5th of April. All the main Church leaders are on board who have already issued a press release and other churches and many Christian organisations and ministries are all joining this initiative. We want you and Innovista to be a part of this! This is for you and you can fully use this as your own initiative. Please share and stir up as much participation as you can. There are deliberately no names or badges on this initiative. One of the beautiful things that has happened around this call to pray is a real sense of a collective Christian voice growing around the island of Ireland. We know where there is unity, God commands a blessing!

The call has gone out for us to do this together from 3pm to 4pm on Palm Sunday, the 5th of April.

We do not want to be too prescriptive or to overly complicate things. The most important thing is that you commit to pray at this time.

The one thing that we are wanting everyone to do, if they are able, is to kneel down and pray for the last 10 minutes. We want the heart and climax of this prayer time to be when we all kneel, in our homes, at 3.50pm. Just as Jesus humbled himself on the first Palm Sunday, riding on an infant donkey, we want our act of worship to be one where we bow down and lift His name up.

Here is a helpful document, A Call to Pray, with some written prayers, creative kids activities and a neighbourhood action. This is not an official document and you don’t have to use this, but we have found it very helpful to point people to and give them some direction if they want/need it to help them pray.