Introducing Ash

ash story

Graduating secondary school in 2016 was a daunting experience for me. Right up until the last day, I’d had a loose plan for what the next year or two would hold but no real passion for what I thought I was entering into. While my acceptance into a Liberal Arts course at a local university in Melbourne sounded amazing on paper, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the call God had on my life wasn’t leading me down that path. Less than three months later, I was throwing all previous plans out the window and accepting an internship with Scripture Union Ireland.

It was the right call, as I would soon come to realise.

Throughout my internship, I attended the Tempo Leadership Training Course and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was as if I instantly felt like, for the first time, I could reflect on the strengths I already had and gain the resources I needed for developing my skills even more. It was an atmosphere I wanted to be involved in, and so in April 2018 I approached Sam and Anne about the idea of taking me on board as a RISE facilitator and mentor.

I was only meant to be in Ireland for 6 months. Now I’m beginning my second year here in a brand new role with Innovista Ireland.

It was in those original Tempo classes that I discovered my very specific vision: to encourage and mentor teenagers to believe in change and believe in their ability to create change, both personally and in the community around them. I’m very excited to begin a new season of fulfilling this vision by joining the team for the RISE Mentoring and Leadership Programme.

ash facilitating youthwork

I am ambitious and optimistic about what the next year will hold as I take up this position. It is my hope that through the continued efforts of the RISE programme, students from all backgrounds would recognise that no matter who they are and what they think of themselves, they are the future of their community and are capable of making a real impact.

Here’s to a productive and fruitful year ahead.