Learning to Lead – My Journey with Innovista

anne leading

Working for Innovista over the last 6 years has grown me and stretched me in ways I didn’t see coming. I have learned so much about leadership, teamwork, training and ministry in Ireland.

I remember one day our international director, Jason, came to visit from Oxford to share with our team. Our office was in an old cold Georgian building in Rathmines at the time and we had this gross old red carpet, we turned around at one point and Jason was hoovering. I remember thinking, this guy has flown here from Oxford to impart knowledge, share his expertise and he’s hoovering…I was struck by his servant heart. I continued to be struck and inspired by Innovista’s teams’ servant heart toward the world. Their deep desire to equip, inspire, train and encourage others toward whole communities changed by the hope of Jesus.

Having served with 8 co-workers on the Ireland team during my time, I experienced a sense of team, camaraderie and mutual respect. The Innovista office is full of post-its… full of ideas that came from a teammate’s mind, their experiences, their knowledge all to better our work and training. Each post-it represents a teammate being brave in sharing a thought, an idea, a critic or an encouragement. Innovista creates a space to brainstorm, dream, improve and allows one to be part of something and contribute. Those post-its aren’t just colourful pieces hanging on our walls, they symbolise the working out of Innovista’s values of teamwork, stewardship, context and excellence.

rise team post its

For me this meant learning about my strengths and weaknesses. These past few years have shaped me in how I work with others, how I give feedback, how I (attempt to) do conflict well, how I strategise, and how I lead. Innovista has given me the space to hone my skills and use them in an effective way to help further God’s kingdom. And not just myself but also with those outside of our staff team demonstrating what it can look like for the body of Christ to truly work together. Partnership is a core value of who Innovista is and the call to foster that culture with those around us. Being a charity and not a church, Innovista has the chance to build bridges, cross boundaries and bring people and organisations together. It has been a beautiful thing to witness as the church in Ireland becomes more united, sharing resources, cheering each other on and being creatively innovative together.

I have been incredibly blessed to call Innovista my team, my workplace and my friends over the years, I so look forward to what God has in store for its future. Here’s to many more post its!

Written by Anne Baenziger (May 2020)