Momentum 2020 – follow up

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Over 120 of us gathered at Ovoca Manor in Wicklow last month for Momentum!

Momentum is a training weekend for anyone wanting to improve or start a youth ministry.  The vision and aspiration is not just a one off or even annual event but hopefully starting a momentum for youth ministry workers and volunteers who won’t feel isolated or undervalued BUT supported, encouraged and resourced beyond the actual weekend to engage with youth from all over Ireland.

The weekend is full of speakers, worship, prayer, workshops, time for rest and space to network with others. I co-led a workshop with Amanda from Alpha about better engaging with our community. We shared our experiences of getting involved in our local areas and with youth in the community. We used an activity from our Rise Leadership Programme which had the youth workers make a collage of their community, things they like and things they dislike. It got them to think, not just about their church context, but the geographical area around them. Discussions ranged from a lack of spaces for youth to gang problems to social media’s impact on mental health. It was great to see the participants asking questions about their communities and brainstorming ways they can better engage, especially through helping with needs there might be.

“I have met other leaders who we can collaborate with and found resources we can use with the youth.”

“I will allow God to use me and fill me up in ways I didn’t think he could. I will use the resources around me from all different groups to further encourage me and my youth.” 

“I feel I am now more equipped on how to get others involved within my youth group.”

“I learned a lot about healthy boundaries in my own life and the life of youth ministry.”

See you all next year, Momentum 2021!

-written by Anne, Rise Team