pray for leaders

We emailed over 100 Irish leaders and asked how we can be praying for them. Here’s what they said:

Leaders themselves

  • Looking for creative ways to pastor
    • Creative ways to connect beyond digital technology
  • New innovations being used
    • New website launch
  • Peace in the present, but uncertain about what life in the future looks like
  • Seeking the Lord in this time
  • Toll of pastoral care
    • Weight of that when they aren’t okay themselves
  • Discernment on how to best serve, use of time
  • Issues of funding for churches and Christian organisations
  • Changes to job or role descriptions; transition into new roles for some leaders
  • Keeping hopeful and share hope with others
  • Time do studies but also sadness of stopping study/development
  • Courage and energy to turn focus and resources outward as well as caring for those ‘inside’

Health and Protection

  • Emotional strength during isolation
  • Mental health during this time
  • Prayer for friends with COVID19, some in ICU

Their children

  • Motivation for kids preparing for state exams and college exams
  • Concern for children who have health issues
  • Families dealing with working at home and kids, balancing this

For leaders working with young people

  • New ways of working with young people, creativity
    • Opportunities for youth workers to focus on connection over content
  • Creating safe spaces for young people to process what’s happening
  • Wisdom to know how to support young people, and disciple them
  • For the young people
    • Invite friends to online programmes
    • Protection for those most vulnerable for whom home is not a safe place

For their teams

  • Unity
  • That they would support each other and grow as a team


Email Anne at to join our prayer team and/or if you have any requests we can be praying for during this time.