Servant Leadership in the Context of Coronavirus

servant leadership in the time of coronavirus

These are times when people need the hope and peace that only God can bring. The God who has freely given us all things (Romans 8:32) calls us to live generously to those around us (1 Timothy 6:18-19). Imagine the difference in your town or city if the church – your church – in the power of the Holy Spirit, steps up to bring prayer and peace, to love neighbours, to care for the poor and vulnerable and live out resurrection hope.

Sam, our Director, has been working with Jason Lane (Innovista’s International Director) and Innovista’s international team to create a resource to help you and your church lead in the context of Coronavirus.

We hope this short resource will encourage and inspire you as you join in with God in His mission at this time.

Read our resource¬† ‘Servant Leadership in the Context of Coronavirus (pdf)’.

Click on the links below for the individual sections of the resource.

  1. Servant Leadership – Serving the Mission of God
  2. Servant Leadership – The Gift of Prayer and Peace
  3. Servant Leadership – Loving our Neighbours
  4. Servant Leadership – Care for the Poor and Vulnerable
  5. Servant Leadership – Resurrection and Hope
  6. Servant Leadership – Courage and Creativity