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The ‘Creating a Strategic Plan’ workshop helped the team to realise what the vision is and the need to think strategically. It helped us see long term rather than just Friday evening to Friday evening.

Neil, Dublin Youth Worker

The flow of the workshop was excellent, the theoretical info and case study were a well thought out prelude to the practical application exercise. Honestly, this is one of the best leadership workshops I have attended!

Audrey, General Secretary YWCA Ireland

The training has helped us better understand the people we work with in our team, their passions, strengths and weaknesses and that has been super helpful. We can now create the right environment for our staff to thrive.

Simon, Director Youth for Christ Ireland

If you are working with others to communicate and demonstrate the gospel in your community, then you can be guaranteed you will face obstacles along the way.

These are the issues that can prevent you from achieving the things you want to see happen and leave you feeling frustrated at lack of progress.

But taking a little time to work on an issue as a team can make a big difference.

An Innovista workshop could help you and your team move past the obstacle that is holding you back. We offer a range of workshops of differing lengths online or in person arranged to suit your needs. With each workshop tackling one specific situation or problem, you will become clear on your next steps towards a solution that helps you see the change you want to see.

Take a look at our sample workshop outline and get in touch to discuss your needs.

Current Workshops:

What just happened and what’s next? 

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought significant challenges, opportunities and the reality of constant change for churches. The mission of God has not changed but our context has! And as our context continues to change so does the form church takes.

Rooted in our experience of working with church leaders across the island during lockdown, Innovista Ireland has developed a workshop to help churches discern and navigate what comes next. 

This workshop will help your team to work together to:

·       Reflect on and learn from the changes you have already made 

·       Discern what God is calling you to in the coming months

·       Prioritise the practical steps you will take as a result

·       Create space for new and existing ideas

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Developing a (blended/digital) discipleship and faith formation culture

Dallas Willard asked: “Do we have a plan for making disciples? And secondly does our plan work?” These questions are still incredibly relevant especially as we navigate a combination of in-person and on-line meetings and gatherings. This workshop will help you:

  • Understand what really helps people grow in faith (and what doesn’t), including some reflection on lockdown experiences
  • Develop practical approaches that grow disciples both in-person and digitally in your group/church/parish
  • Put in place processes and systems that support genuine discipleship/faith formation (and avoid fruitless activity)
  • Identify people to invest in, and make a plan to help them grow

We are running this topic as a ‘Learning Cohort’ – a series of three workshops in partnership with Praxis.

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The Coaching Course

Equipping and enabling people to discern, discover and practice their gifting and calling as part of God’s mission requires a range of skills. The arrival of Covid19, lockdowns and constant change has reinforced our conviction that coaching can contribute exponential value in helping individuals make sense of their lives and the challenges they face. A coaching conversation creates space for people to think out loud, experience deep attentive listening and be asked questions that help stimulate insight, self-awareness and growth.

Praxis and Innovista Ireland have partnered together to provide coaching training. The coaching course is taught by Matthew Broderick who has experience coaching in Ireland, Europe and Africa, a background in student ministry, and is involved in teaching in his local church. Innovista Ireland’s Sam Moore helps facilitate the course.

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Sample workshop outline
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