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Have you experienced the benefits of coaching and want to bless others by developing your skills? Does it bring you joy to see others learn and grow through deep conversation?

The Coaching Course will help you develop your skills, and experience how others grow by thinking out loud instead of just being told the answers. Learn how to be fully present, ask great questions and give space in which others flourish as they discover new insights.

Imagine what discipleship, leadership, pastoral care, teaching and mission would look like if people were encouraged and empowered to be all that God is calling them to be!

The Coaching Course is developed in cooperation with Praxis and led by Matthew Broderick  who has several years’ experience coaching in a variety of settings from Ireland to Africa.

The next Coaching Course will take place online and will begin in February/March 2024.
Course dates are tbc.


Course requirements include:

  • 30-60 minutes of reading per month in advance of sessions
  • Coaching conversation practice – finding 1-2 people to practice your developing skills with
  • Written reflection on your coaching practice
  • Session attendance

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