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recommended reading leadership - looking at books

Recommended reading: leadership

What is leadership? How do we wade through and evaluate all the different perspectives? In a world where too often leadership is associated with abuse of power and control how do we culti...

September 11, 2023
recommended reading mission - looking at books

Recommended reading: mission

Many of us would like to be better at living a life shaped by the Mission of God, but don’t know where to start.Sam Moore recommends some books for those wanting to explore what livin...

July 14, 2023
St Kevins Way
Fundraising Events

St Kevin’s Way Fundraiser

The last few years have been disorientating, exhausting, full of constant change and adaptation, full of opportunity to refocus. We are walking alongside leaders and churches, providing s...

June 16, 2023
Finding my place

Finding My Place

A little over a year ago, I received a mysterious message:“Hi Jenny. What is your address? I have an invitation I would like to pass on to you!”Intriguing, eh?This invitation ...

May 30, 2023
connecting churches with young people in their communities

Building bridges between churches and local schools

"RISE is bridging the gap when I walk around the streets.  Because I've spent time in their school over the year I now know some of the young people I see" Shane Maguire Saint Catherine'...

August 3, 2022
Finding your place

Finding Your Place

“You’re invited…” A hand-delivered invitation to take time to consider your life in God’s hands. Find Your Place Four consecutive weeks to explore what on earth God is doing, what on ea...

June 3, 2022