Thursday, 20 October, 2022

Culturally Christian

Thursday, 20 October, 2022 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM GTM
The Skainos Centre 241 Newtownards Rd Belfast BT4 1AF United Kingdom

Understanding church in a changing landscape (Evangelical Alliance NI event)

The changing relationship between church and NI society. A decline in the church, a rise in the ‘nones’. What does it mean for NI church?

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Across the western world, national census statistics show a decline in the number of individuals who identify with the Christian faith (and other faiths), and a rise in those who identify as ‘none of the above’ – including what is being called, spiritual nones’.

The NI census revealed some unique patterns and themes that raise important questions, and require a thoughtful response from the Christian church in Northern Ireland.

Reading the NI census stats is a helpful way for the church to ask:

WHAT is happening around faith and religion in NI culture and society?

WHY do we see these patterns?

WHO is the church, what is a Christian identity and how do we fit into the boxes to be ticked?

HOW do we understand the rise of the ‘nones’ and respond creatively?

The Evangelical Alliance are delighted to host an important and timely conversation with Dr Gladys Ganiel (QUB), Right Revd. Dr David Bruce (PCI), Donna Jennings (EA) and Sam Moore (Innovista Ireland).

Together we will,

– understand what the census statistics tell us about changing landscape for faith in NI

– discuss why and how to make a discipleship distinction between identity to the Christian-faith and intentional Christ-following.

– explore the rise of the ‘nones’: Who are they? Why are they rising? Is there any openness to engage with the Christian message?

– look ahead with humility and hope to reimagine church and mission in a changing landscape.

Join us as we listen, learn and look ahead together.

Coffee and lunch included.

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