Ukraine Response FAQs

More detail on how you can help and what Innovista is doing

Supporting Ukrainian refugees

A number of people have asked questions about how to pray, to give, and to practically help house Ukrainians coming to Ireland; we have drawn up these FAQ’s which we hope will answer those questions.

Q: Can Innovista supporters offer housing to Ukrainian refugees coming to Ireland?

A: Yes you can – the Irish government is using the Red Cross website to enable people to pledge accommodation. You can find lots of information for helping  Ukrainians access services on Citizen’s Information.
If you live in Northern Ireland we recommend The Sanctuary Foundation and Welcome Churches.

Q: Can Innovista make connections between Ukrainian refugees coming to Ireland, and Christian families in Ireland?

A: No, not at this time. Our focus is on supporting church leaders in Ukraine as they serve their communities. We are set up to do this, and we will continue to focus our resources on this.

Q: What is Innovista’s Ukraine Response Fund being used for?

A: Innovista International is sending grants for essential supplies like food, medicine, blankets and fuel, both in conflict zones, and in areas receiving displaced people.

Q: How are you directing and protecting the funds?

A: We are sending grants directly to trusted church leaders across Ukraine, including those in conflict zones. These church leaders have either worked with our team for many years, or have been personally recommended by people we trust. Even though banks are closed, we are able to send money directly to personal bank accounts, and it can be spent using debit cards. Church leaders are asked to confirm receipt of funds, and then demonstrate how they are using the funds, either by sending receipts or photos of what they have bought.

Q: Why are you asking us to send money – wouldn’t it be better to collect essential supplies here and transport them to Ukraine?

A: At the moment, we are asking people to send money for three reasons:
– It is quicker: we can get money to church leaders within two hours
– It is cheaper: supplies are currently cheaper in Ukraine
– It is contributing to the local economy
As the situation evolves, this might change. Our response is directed by our team in Ukraine, making the most of their local knowledge.

Q: How can I make a gift to Innovista’s Ukraine response?

A: The best way to give is online. If you are living in the UK, please find instructions here.

Photo Credit – Elena Mozhvilo

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