Finding Your Place

A new initiative helping 20s discover their place in God's mission by Rachel Coural

“You’re invited…” A hand-delivered invitation to take time to consider your life in God’s hands.

Find Your Place

Four consecutive weeks to explore what on earth God is doing, what on earth he’s done in your life, and what on earth you should do next.

Then, ‘Take Your Place’: six months to try your hand at service within a variety of mission and ministry opportunities.

This is the opportunity Causeway Coast church, Mountsandel Christian Fellowship, in partnership with Innovista Ireland, offered to some of the young adults in their community in this last 9 months.

In some ways, the years after leaving full time education can be so challenging. You’ve been unceremoniously kicked out of youth programmes, but haven’t yet truly integrated into a church home group. You begin to navigate towards the expected world of full-time employment, married life, parenthood, homeownership, financial security… But what may actually look more like unemployment, under employment, will-they-won’t-they ‘its complicated’ romantic relationships, one economic crisis after another… Life doesn’t always turn out the way we want, when we want and even if it does, this period of young adulthood is too important to have to navigate alone.

One thing is sure, God is consistently at work; weaving His purposes in this world and in each of our lives. Often, we need help and an outside perspective to see how the threads of our lives are being woven together by the Master Weaver. Either to intentionally take the time to look more closely or to get a gentle nudge (or swift kick!) to pursue God’s invitation to open our lives up to Him.

In a fast-moving culture of myriad choices, the slow and steady rhythm of regular serving in mission initiatives and church ministries is a harder sell. So a little help to see why it is so important, a concrete opportunity to give it a go and a bit of support from people in the same boat can’t go too far wrong…


“My experience with Find Your Place taught me a lot about intentionality and commitment. When we consistently show up and ask God questions, He consistently reveals more of Himself and gives direction. It was really helpful in highlighting the gifts God has given me, as well are the areas I need to grow in.” – Jenny

“It was fun and relaxed, but the conversations had purpose, and it was God-focussed throughout. I was reluctant to go at first, but I’m glad I did, as it was totally different from anything I had been to before and the leaders had great empathy.” – Anna

“Find Your Place/Take Your Place helped me take a step back, and look at areas in my life that could be used to serve God. Whether that be within the church or outside of it. It also gave me room to consider what God might be calling me in to, as well as a place to discuss and explore these options.” – Matt

To partner with Innovista Ireland to run this programme in your context, get in touch.

Give a gift to help Innovista equip more 20s to find and take their place.

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